Dragon Breath Gotita de Naranja A Mother’s Pride Tumbling Watermelon
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Dragon Breath

This lizard was discovered in the workshop and needed some minutes to warm in the sun before coming to life. Looking through a macro lens presents a creature like this quite differently and very close-up. When it opened its mouth suddenly, I might have screamed a little.

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Gotita de Naranja

This Seville orange was hanging from the tree in the patio, occasionally skipping in the breeze, making it a bit more complex to get a sharp and in focus shot of the water drop.


A Mother’s Pride

This spider had spent a couple of weeks nurturing what looked like a mini bunch of grapes, before the small spiders in the background hatched out. She’s holding the silk that had held the eggs and in the foreground you can just make out the front left leg that she’s missing.



An overexposed row of colored glass tumblers captured in the sunlight.



This was a labor of love. Spray fruit with water. Wait for it to form a drop and then hit the shutter release. Surprisingly, about one in fifty shots were successful. I must make an admission though. The sync speed of my K7 isn’t fast enough to capture the drop without blur, so some Photoshop […]


Wooden Heart

A valentine for my wife. Produced from bits of firewood and then shot from a first storey sun terrace.



Nothing too interesting here – it’s just a strawberry. Oh yes, it’s on a plate. A white plate.


Blue Mood

This old typewriter came from my late step father and is a wonderful item to look at and touch, though I wouldn’t swap my dull and generic laptop for it. The tint of blue came from a higher ISO setting for the scene that was lit by a single tungsten bulb.


Miss Moppet

Don’t be fooled by the soft and fluffy exterior. Miss Moppet is a psycho! Handle with care and leather gauntlets.



A simple reflection in a puddle that combines some in-camera and post production color manipulation.